Globe Plants: A Guide To Choosing The Best 3D File Format For Your Software
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models


Globe Plants: A Guide To Choosing The Best 3D File Format For Your Software

With countless formats available to choose from on our website, importing the correct ones can affect how our 3D plant models look and perform. A common sentiment shared by our customers is that they wish to use only the best-looking plants in their scene. However, sometimes it pays to be practical, especially if you don’t have a top-of-the-line computer system. Keep in mind that high-quality models can crash! To avoid this, you may opt to use the low poly version of the models you desire. This ensures that you can load our models without sacrificing too much quality.

Here’s our starter ‘How To’ guide. Read on to see how to navigate through each 3D file format Globe Plants offers and view our recommendations. Our 3D plant models are split into one of two categories: low poly models and high poly models.

Please note that if you see a plant/bundle without “Low poly” in the title, it is strictly a high poly product only.

A Brief Description of Our Formats

High Poly Models

Our high poly models contain these formats:

Mesh (3Ds Max)

A .maxformat should only be used in Autodesk 3Ds Max with the minimum requirement being 2018 version. This format includes three native rendering engines for 3Ds Max: V-Ray Renderer, Corona Renderer and FStorm. Choosing this format for any Globe Plants bundle will include all Forest Pack Preset Library for the rendering engines listed above. This is NOT a .3ds file, we do not support .3ds on our website.

Mesh + GrowFX

This format includes the above Mesh (3Ds Max) format plus additional GrowFX files that can be used in GrowFX (a 3Ds Max exclusive plugin) which allow users to edit the plants and add wind animation to the models.

SketchUp (VRay + Thea + Enscape)

Only choose this format if quality is your concern and you want our models to look the best they can be. You must also have a high-end hardware requirement to in order to support the products properly. This format is best used for SketchUp.

We include .skp files for rendering engines V-Ray, Thea and Enscape as well as Full Geometry .skp files with materials embedded into the models.

Enscape users who wish to prioritise quality must follow our instructions carefully. You must copy the models into C:Drive so that Enscape can load all the textures properly. Currently, this only works for Windows as your operating system and not Mac OS. This high poly format will NOT work with Enscape Custom Asset Library as they only allow low poly models to be imported.

We include a ‘README’ file for instructions on how to use the models for the above three rendering engines when you download this format.


Our .fbx is optimised to be as universal as possible. It is widely compatible with almost all software that accepts the FBX format.

Blender (Cycles)

A .blend format that is best used in Blender through the Cycles rendering engine.

Cinema 4D (VRay + Corona)

Our .c4d format is best used in Maxon Cinema 4D through VRay Renderer and Corona Renderer. After importing our models, please relink all textures in C4D so that they appear correctly after rendering. Here’s a video to show how to do this process


Includes .max and .c4d. Currently only available in certain bundles.

Low Poly Models

Our low poly models are highly optimised. Their polygons/triangles are reduced by approx. 400-800% compared to their high poly counterparts. The model quality is therefore reduced to compromise for performance but they are perfectly acceptable. Only available in Bundles and contain these formats:

SketchUp (VRay + Thea + Enscape)

Includes everything that the high poly version has while remaining low poly and light for users.


Includes low poly models. .fbx and .obj are used for importing into multiple software that accepts FBX or OBJ format.

Enscape (Revit, SketchUp, Rhino3D, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD)

Enscape bundles that are pre-made and ready for use in Revit, SketchUp, Rhino3D, Vectorworks and ArchiCAD through Enscape custom asset library.

Remember: Our personal customer support is lifetime and tailored to your needs. We are ready and available to assist you with any further questions you have or assistance that you require. Shoot us an email here

Further Details – File Format Recommendations

The following is a long but useful list of common design software along with the file format(s) that we recommend for both Windows and Mac OS.

3Ds Max

  • V-Ray/Corona or FStorm Renderer:
    • Please select Mesh (3Ds Max) format.
  • Ability to edit and create wind animation:
    • Please select Mesh (3Ds Max) + GrowFX format.
  • Forest Pack Library:
    • Please select Mesh (3Ds Max) or Mesh + GrowFX format if required GrowFX. Only available in Bundles and not individual models.


  • V-Ray:
    • We recommend High Poly SketchUp (VRay + Thea + Enscape) format for maximum quality. V-Ray works great with High Poly models due to their proxy features.
  • Enscape for users prefer maximum model quality on Windows OS only:
    • High Poly SketchUp (VRay + Thea + Enscape) format if preferred for maximum model quality. Require high end computer hardware. Not available to use through Enscape Custom Asset Library.
  • Enscape through Asset Library:
    • Please select Low Poly Enscape (Revit, SketchUp, Rhino3D, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD) format. Only available in a certain Bundles and not individual models.
  • Thea on Windows OS only:
    • Please select High Poly SketchUp (VRay + Thea + Enscape) format. Require high end computer specifications.



  • Cycles:
    • Please select our native Blender (Cycles) format.


Cinema 4D

  • V-Ray and Corona Renderer:
    • Please select Cinema 4D (Vray + Corona) format as this is the native format we made specifically for C4D with Vray and Corona renderer.
  • Standard Renderer:
    • If you use Cinema 4D without using supported rendering engines V-Ray or Corona Renderer, we recommend the High Poly FBX format. Our FBX is optimised for most standard materials and industry standard textures.



  • 3Ds Max and Cinema 4D:
    • Our RedShift format in certain Bundles are fully made for 3Ds Max and Cinema 4D users that use RedShift as their rendering engine.

Revit, Rhino3D, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks

  • Enscape through Asset Library:
    • We highly suggest the Low Poly Enscape (Revit, SketchUp, Rhino3D, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD) format as these are the most “out of the box” format for these software. You must have Enscape to utilise this format.


  • Maximum Model Quality:
    • We highly recommend High Poly SketchUp (VRay + Thea + Enscape) format and import the .Skp FullGeometry files found in the Enscape_Thea folder. Require high end computer specs as per suggested on Lumion website here.
  • Performance Over Quality:
    • We suggest getting the Low Poly SketchUp (VRay + Thea + Enscape) format since they work best for performance. You can import the .Skp FullGeometry files found in the Enscape_Thea folder. This format is best for users with lower computer hardware requirements.


Work perfectly with either SketchUp (VRay + Thea + Enscape) or FBX format. You can select either format from both as the result will be the same. If you select SketchUp format, please import the .skp fullgeometry files into Twinmotion.


Our FBX format works best for Maya. You can easily import and adjust the materials of our FBX in Maya. Please note that our FBX do not support wind animation. You will need 3Ds Max and GrowFX in order to add animation into our models.

Unreal Engine

In order to import into Unreal Engine, you must import through Datamish. 3Ds Max or FBX work best if you use Datamish.


Modo, LightWave, Houdini, Artlantis, Maxwell Studio: 

We recommend the FBX format for these.

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