Globe Plants 3D Plant Model of The Month - Olea Europaea
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models


3D Plant Model of The Month - Olea Europaea

Every month Globe Plants will showcase a 3D plant model of a certain species on our store. View the description and usage of the plant model in landscaping, and the best placement for your 3D scene.

Globe Plants proudly introduces our first 3D plant model of the month for September 2020: Olea Europaea - Olive Tree.

Where to place Olea Europaea

Olea Europaea, or commonly called as Olive Tree, is a typical plant species from Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean region. Olive tree is mainly used in cuisine and medicine, as well as landscaping. It shines as either the main star of a Mediterranean garden, or it is planted along the edges to direct the eyes in a pleasing manner.


Apart from the main usage in Mediterranean terrain, users can place Olea Europaea 3D plant in other landscaping such as a rock garden, desert garden or any botanical garden in American and Oceania regions.


Special Offer!

As part of Globe Plants's 3D Plant of The Month, grab yourself a photo realistic Olea Europaea 3D model on our store for ONLY $4.99. Applicable to 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Blender and FBX format.


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