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Create Custom 3D Plant Models with Globe Plants in Just Two Steps

Why choose Globe Plants Custom 3D Plant Models?

Experts in the field

Experts in the field

We use our years of experience in 3D visualisation, modelling and plant species to create the most accurate and highest quality 3D Models

Exceptional variety

Exceptional variety

Choose from a wide range of species from all regions of the world in different variations of shape, season and age to suit any scene

Meticulous Perfection

Meticulous Perfection

Enjoy the freedom of being able to manipulate the geometry of the foilage with the GrowFX format to your liking

Ready 3D Renders

Ready 3D Renders

All models include user-friendly instructions, all pre-made material setups and highly realistic textures, ready for you to implement and use

How 3D custom plants modeling works
Design Request

Send us the species that you would like to create in Botanical or Common names, as well as any references (photos) if you have

Design Process

We create the exact same plants you want and send you multiple drafts for reviews and changes


The final designs are sent to you for approval


We send you the finalised designs in the file formats requested

We offer 3 licences for our service
Edit Existing Plants
$15 - $30
per unique species
Custom Modification
Tailored adjustments to existing plant models to meet your specific requirements.
Quick turnaround
Swift edits to align with your project deadlines.
Wide Variety
Ability to modify a diverse range of plant models on our store to suit your needs.
Standard Commercial
$150 - $320
per unique species
Cost Effective
Accurate pricing depends on the complexity of each species.
Technical Support
60 days after completion
Non-Exclusive Rights
Permits extensive usage, however, the models may be purchased by others 45 days post-completion.
Strictly Non-Resalable
Exclusive Commercial
$2000 - $5000
per unique species
Exclusive Use
You will be the sole owner of the custom plant models, which will not be sold or made available to any other customer.
Lifetime Support
Priority from our dedicated team for any queries or issues related to the models.
Resale and Redistribute
Permits for optional reselling or redistribution of the models.
All features
High-Quality Models

Benefit from our high-end, meticulously crafted plant models that reflect real-world accuracy, providing an unmatched level of detail and realism to your projects.

Comprehensive Access

You are granted broad utilization rights of our custom plant models in your commercial projects, enhancing your design flexibility.

Continual Free Updates

Receive all minor updates to your custom models, ensuring they stay current and optimized.

Perpetual License

Once purchased, the license never expires. You have lifetime access to the models for your commercial projects.

Choose from a wide range of format we support below
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Customized 3D plant models for your software and rendering needs.

We can also provide additional formats outside of the above if you require. Please get in touch with us with your request

Words From Our customers

Globe Plants are filling a gap in the visualisation market with unique vegetation species and great detailed products. All this care for quality and respect for artists in promoting excellent 3D models make Globe Plants one of my favourite companies.


Skatter For SketchUp

All models from Globe Plants are high quality and easy to work with. The team also make custom models quickly at a reasonable price. They are really friendly and always go above and beyond!

Stab Studio

Globe Plants' 3D plant models are a game-changer for my 3D art. The attention to detail, photorealism, and ease of integration into my workflow are outstanding. The wide range of plant species and excellent customer service make them my go-to source for high-quality plant models. Not to mention the availability of GrowFX files, which adds, even more, versatility to their offerings. Highly recommended!

Agnieszka Klich

Arch Viz Artist

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