How to import Globe Plants 3D plant model into Lumion
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models


How to import Globe Plants 3D Plant model into Lumion

Save your time: We will show you how to import our Globe Plant 3D plant model into Lumion, while retaining the highest 3D model quality. Read on to see our simple steps.

Globe Plants offer multiple file formats to choose from when purchasing on our store - 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Blender and FBX. However, not all formats are accepted by Lumion, as it may not display the same as intended. So how do you know which file format to choose from?

SketchUp and FBX are the 2 best formats when importing into Lumion.

Globe Plants suggests using SketchUp (.skp) and FBX format on our store.

Globe Plants suggests using SketchUp (.skp) and FBX format on our store.

With the SketchUp format, we provide multiple individual files that are included when purchasing. Users only need to import into Lumion, and all textures will be displayed correctly as per the above image. With FBX format, Lumion imports them as multiple models per file. Users will need to user another software to separate all the models within the file. Therefore, SketchUp format is the best when importing into Lumion. We have a visual tutorial highlighted below.

These are the files you see when you open your purchase.

Select the preferred SketchUp file with “_fullGeometry” at the end and import into Lumion. Users can create Model name and Category that best fit your preference and workflow then import.

The imported model will appear like this image. Users will need to change the material setting to Standard and edit the reflection, bump, etc. to suit.

Switch materials to standard and adjust settings

The render should look like this

We have imported multiple models into Lumion using the method mentioned in this article to achieve the desired result.

Globe Plants’ models are very high quality compared to the plant models from Lumiom, hence the large file size when importing. If any trouble persists, contact our friendly support team through support enquiry.

Due to customer requests, we have plans to introduce wind animation support for our models. Stay tuned!

Shop models for Lumion here on our store.

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