Low Poly Ornamentals & Hedges

Low-Poly Ornamentals & Hedges 3D Models Collection by GlobePlants is where digital landscaping meets creativity.

These 3D models capture the essence of decorative plants, shrubs, hedges, and ornamental vegetation, including the versatile Low-Poly Bundle 47 - Vertical Garden.

Tailored to provide efficiency without compromising visual richness, it presents a Low-Poly option. With Compatibility for Enscape and Twinmotion, this collection ensures seamless integration into your creative projects. Dive into the world of landscaping with our 3D Models of Ornamentals & Hedges, showcasing space-efficient and resource-friendly options.

Low Poly
Low Poly Bundle 47 - Vertical Garden (3D Model)Low Poly Bundle 47 - Vertical Garden (3D Model)
Low Poly Bundle 47 - Vertical Garden (3D Model)
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