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2D Bundle 05 - Tropical Plants 01

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With 18 common 2D trees and shrubs for sceneries, garden designs and relevant landscaping purposes, Globe Plants' 2D Bundle 05 - Tropical Plants 01 is essential for all of your 2D landscaping needs.
Key Advantages of Our 2D Plants:

Diverse Selection: Includes multiple unique variations of each species, featuring different heights, ages, and forms. This variety ensures you have the ideal 2D plant for all your design needs.

Multi-Angle Views: To aid in comprehensive design planning, each species variation is available in both Front and Top views. This dual perspective is perfect for detailed elevation or layout designs, giving you the flexibility to present your vision accurately.

Made for Vectorworks: VW Image Props format is tailor-made for Vectorworks, ensuring seamless integration. The symbols easily importable and include both front and top views, streamlining your workflow. PNG files also included with this format for easy editing.

High Resolution Quality: Each 2D image is produced at 3000 x 3000 pixel resolution to bring the sharpest presentation of the species in your project.

Enhance your BIM landscaping and bring your design presentation to life with our unparalleled 2D vegetation, tailored to meet the exacting standards of today's landscape and architect professionals.


2D Bundle 05 - Tropical Plants 01
Globe Plants
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