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Bundle 01 - Ornamental and Decorative Pot Plants - Remake (3D Model)

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Globe Plants' Bundle 01 - Ornamental and Decorative Pot Plants - Remake, your go-to assets for exterior 3D vegetation models. Features 20 3D Ornamental and Decorative Pot Plants with 58 unique, photorealistic pot plant models in a variety of forms and pots. Perfect for enhancing your decorative landscaping scenes and projects.

Our 3D plant models were crafted with the highest possible detail and accurate representation of each species. Each format offered was made and optimized for its intended software, ensuring easy import and rendering in your projects. Please note that each format is sold separately. Here are the formats we offer and their unique features:

  • 3Ds Max: Requires Autodesk 3Ds Max version 2018 and above as well as minimum Corona 6 and V-Ray 5. We also support Forest Pack library preset for both renderers bringing it to be the best format for achieving photo realism with our plant models.
  • SketchUp: Optimized for the V-Ray renderer, including proxies and Full Geometry SKP files for importing to supported software. Fully compatible with Skatter. Please note, this format does not support Enscape, please refer to the Enscape format below.
  • Enscape format enables users to fully import and utilise Globe Plants 3D plants into Custom Asset Library for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino3D, Vectorworks and ArchiCAD. Simply load the assets then drag and drop our models into your scenes. Users must have Enscape 3.0 and above.
  • FBX: A versatile format includes all textures and can be imported into various software. May not be fully compatible with game engines due being high-poly. Please ensure your hardware meets the necessary requirements for optimal performance.
  • Blender: Supports Cycles renderer
  • Cinema 4D: Tailored specifically for V-Ray 3.7 and Corona 6 or above. If users do not use these 2 renderers, please select the FBX format.
  • Twinmotion: Materials are fully enhanced for optimal quality and can be conveniently imported via the User Library.
  • Rhinoceros 3D: Requires a Rhino3D 7.0 or above, fully supports Rhino Renderer and V-Ray. This format is only for V-Ray and Rhino Renderer.
  • GrowFX: Offer exclusively for studios and companies, gaining maximum flexibility to edit the plants, adding wind animation as much as you like.

Step up your 3D visualizations with Globe Plants' Ornamental and Decorative Pot Plants in Bundle 01. Explore our wide range of species and transform your projects today!


Bundle 01 - Ornamental and Decorative Pot Plants - Remake (3D Model)
Globe Plants
Number of Species
Number of Unique Models/Variations
  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Oceania
Commonly Seen In
As decorative features worldwide
  • 3Ds Max (V-Ray + Corona)
  • SketchUp (V-Ray & Full Geometry SKP Mesh)
  • FBX
  • Blender (Cycles)
  • Cinema 4D (V-Ray + Corona)
  • Twinmotion
  • Enscape (Revit, SketchUp, Rhino3D, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD)
  • Rhinoceros 3D (V-Ray + Rhino Renderer Only)

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