Bundle 04 - Garden Plants 02 3D Model
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models

Bundle 04 - Garden Plants 02 (3D Model)

Globe Plants
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Globe Plants' Bundle 04 - Garden Plants 02 includes 17 common shrubs, trees and vines for garden and landscaping purpose with over 80 unique models that come with many forms that can be used for many of your scenes. 3DS MAX, BLENDER, CINEMA 4D, SKETCHUP and TWINMOTION formats give you minimal effort to import and render on your scenes or projects. We also offer GROWFX format for studios and companies, you gain maximum flexibility to edit the plants as much as you like, please contact us for custom order.


All models were made with the highest possible detail with accurate representation of species used for both Corona RendererV-Ray Renderer in 3Ds Max. 

Our FBX file format includes all textures that ready to be imported to other software excluding game engines.

Our SketchUp file type supports V-Ray rendering engine including proxies and Full Geometry mesh files. SketchUp files are fully compatible with Skatter. We do NOT support Enscape format in this Bundle, for Enscape please visit a separate Low Poly Bundle 48 page.

Users can also have option to choose Blender with Cycles or Cinema 4D with V-Ray 3.6 and Corona Renderer.

Our MESH models require 3Ds Max 2018 and above as well as minimum Corona 3.0 and V-Ray 3.6. We also support full Forest Pack library for both renderers.

Our RedShift format includes both 3Ds Max and Cinema 4D files




List of species:


    1. - Burgundy Myrtle - Agonis "Burgundy"
    2. - Callistemon Citrinus 'Endeavour' - Bottlebrush
    3. - Casuarina Glauca - Kattang Karpet
    4. - Correa alba – White Correa
    5. - Hakonechloa Macra ‘Green Forest Grass’ - Hakone Grass
    6. - Clerodendrum quadriloculare- Starburst bush
    7. - Hedera Helix - English ivy
    8. - Grevillea baileyana – White Oak
    9. - Hydrangea Macrophylla - Bigleaf Hydrangea
    10. - Pieris 'Forest Flame' - Lily Of The Valley Bush
    11. - Polystichum munitum-Sword Fern
    12. - Raphiolepis 'Oriental Pearl' - Indian Hawthorn
    13. - Euphorbia Blackbird - Spurge
    14. - Euphorbia Bourgeana - Euphorbia Lambii
    15. - Coleonema Pulchellum 'Aurea' - Golden Diosma
    16. - Gleditsia Triacanthos - Honey Locust
    17. - Eriobotrya Japonica - Loquat
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