Bundle 23 - Vines and Creepers 03 3D Model
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models

Bundle 23 - Vines and Creepers 03 (3D Model)

Globe Plants
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Bundle 23 - Vines and Creepers 03 PDF Catalog


This Bundle 23 includes 15 species of 3D vines and creepers for general landscaping purposes with 108 unique 3D plant models that come with many forms that can be used for many of your scenes. 3DS MAX, BLENDER, C4D and SKETCHUP formats give you minimal effort to import and ready to render, with GrowFX format, you gain maximum flexibility to edit the plants as much as you like.


All models were made with the highest possible detail with accurate representation of species used for both Corona RendererVRay Renderer and FStorm Renderer in 3Ds Max



Our FBX file format include all textures that ready to be imported to other software.

Our SketchUp file type supports 3 rendering engines: VRay, Thea and Enscape including proxies. SketchUp files are fully compatible with Skatter. VRay 5 compatible.

Users can also have option to choose Blender with Cycles or Cinema 4D with VRay and Corona Renderer.

Our MESH models require 3Ds Max 2014 and above as well as minimum Corona 3.0, VRay 3.6 and Fstorm 1.35. We also support full Forest Pack library for all 3 renderers.

globe plants 3d plant model bundle 23 vines and creepers 03 forest pack 

Forest Pack Library Ready for 3Ds Max

globe plants 3d plant model bundle 23 vines and creepers 03 list



List of Species:

  1. Acacia Cognata ‘Waterfall’
  2. Actinidia Kolomikta
  3. Asparagus Densiflorus
  4. Bomarea Multiflora
  5. Campsis Radicans
  6. Clematis Paniculata
  7. Cobaea Scandens
  8. Dichondra Repens
  9. Hedera Canariensis
  10. Ipomoea Lobata
  11. Jasminum Nudiflorum
  12. Pandorea Jasminoides ‘Rosea’
  13. Solanum laxum
  14. Trachelospermum Asiaticum
  15. Viola Hederacea


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