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Microsorum Scolopendria • Monarch Fern• Musk Fern• Maile-Scented Fern• Breadfruit Fern• Wart Fern

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Discover Globe Plants' 3D Microsorum Scolopendria commonly recognized as the Monarch Fern, Musk Fern, Maile-Scented Fern, Breadfruit Fern, Wart Fern. This 3D vegetation masterpiece is essential for landscape designers, architects, and architectural visualization experts aiming for unparalleled realism in their projects.

Key Features:

  • Variety of Models: Includes multiple unique 3D model variations, offering different heights, ages, and forms of the species. We made this diversity to guarantee you have the perfect model for every production needs.
  • Precisely Crafted to ensure compatibility and ease of use across leading 3D software such as 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Twinmotion and Blender
  • Versatile format such as FBX and SketchUP .SKP Full Geometry includes all textures and can be imported into various software. Please ensure your hardware meets the necessary requirements for optimal performance.
  • Optimized Geometry and Materials: Crafted as high-poly models, our species boast with the highest detail and precision in representation. Each provided format has been fine-tuned specifically for its target software, guaranteeing effortless import and seamless rendering in your scene.
  • Flexibility with GrowFX format, you can edit the plants, adding wind animation as much as you like!

Elevate your 3D projects and captivate your audience. With Globe Plants' assets, you're not just buying a model; you're investing in a piece of art that brings your visualizations to life. Dive in, and let your scenes stand out!


Botanical Name
Microsorum Scolopendria
Common Name
Monarch Fern, Musk Fern, Maile-Scented Fern, Breadfruit Fern, Wart Fern
Globe Plants
Number of Unique Models/Variations
Textures and Materials
  • America
  • Asia
  • Oceania
Commonly Seen In
This fern grows in the wild in the Western Pacific rim from Australia to New Caledonia to Fiji and throughout the South Pacific to French Polynesia.
  • 3Ds Max (V-Ray + Corona)
  • GrowFX
  • FBX
  • Cinema 4D (VRay + Corona)
  • SketchUp (V-Ray + Full Geometry SKP Mesh)
  • Twinmotion

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