Unreal Engine Bundle 02- Temperate Plants 02 3D Model
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models
Photo Realistic 3D Plant Models

Unreal Engine Bundle 02 - Temperate Plants 02 (3D Model)

Globe Plants
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Unreal Engine Bundle 02 Temperate Plants 02 PDF Catalog


Globe Plants' Unreal Engine Bundle 02 Temperate Plants 02 (3D Model) includes 15  3D common trees and shrubs for home designs, sceneries, gardens and general landscaping purposes in Temperate Regions with 80 unique photo realistic quality 3D plant models that come with many forms that can be used for many of your scenes.


All models were made with the highest possible detail with accurate representation of species ready to be used for Unreal Engine 5 and Lumen. Materials and polygons were optimised specifically for Exterior Visualisation in UE5 with wind animations added to each individual model.



Our Unreal Engine bundle does NOT support game creation, this bundle is optimised purely for Architectural Visualisation purposes in UE5. Please note that you will require to have the recommended high end computer hardware (Minimum RTX 3080) to run this Bundle.






List of Species:

    1. - Acer Griseum
    2. - Aesculus Glabra
    3. - Alnus Cordata
    4. - Amelanchier Lamarckii
    5. - Aronia Arbutifolia
    6. - Betula Utilis ‘Jacquemontii’
    7. - Cornus Mas
    8. - Fagus Sylvatica
    9. - Fothergilla Gardenii
    10. - Fraxinus Excelsior
    11. - Itea Virginica
    12. - Lindera Benzoin
    13. - Populus Alba
    14. - Prunus Pumila ‘Besseyi’
    15. - Quercus Alba












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