Bundle 02 - Vines and Creepers

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This bundle 02 includes 15 common vine and creeper species with over 75 unique models that come with many forms that can be used for many of your scenes. With MESH format you only need to drag and drop and ready to render, with GrowFX format, you gain maximum flexibility to edit the plants as much as you like.


All models were made with the highest possible detail with accurate representation of species used for both Corona and VRay Renderer. Our models require 3Ds Max 2014 and above as well as Corona 3.0 and VRay 3.6 for maximum quality. We used Vertex Colour so make sure your renderer support Vertex Colour.


List of species:


  1. Carpobrotus Edulis - Pigface
  2. Carpobrotus Glaucescens - Aussie Rambler
  3. Dichondra Argentea - Dichondra Silver Falls
  4. Grevillea Royal Mantle - Grevillea
  5. Hardenbergia Violacea - Purple Coral Pea
  6. Myoporum Parvifolium - Yareena
  7. Pathenocissus Quinquefolia - Virginia Creepers
  8. Pathenocissus Sikkimensis - Sikkim Creepers
  9. Phyllanthus Cochinchinensis - Phyllanthus
  10. Rosmarinus Officinalis ‘Prostrate’ - Creeping Rosemary
  11. Sedum Morrganianum - Donkey’s Tail
  12. Tarimounia Elliptica - Vernonia Creeper
  13. Trachelospermun Jasminoides - Star Jasmine
  14. Viola Banksii - Native Violet
  15. Vitis Coignetiae - Crimson Glory Vine